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Bike Laws

Pennsylvania Laws for Pedalcycles

Pennsylvania pedalcycle operators must abide by many laws when operating a pedalcycle.

These rules may be found in the Vehicle Code, Chapter 35, which specifically outlines the rules and regulations for safely operating a pedalcycle.

Under law, pedalcycles are vehicles and their drivers must obey the same traffic laws which cars and trucks must obey. Parents will be held legally responsible for knowingly allowing their children to disobey any of these laws.


Pennsylvania Law says:

  • • Obey all traffic signs and signals. Remember they apply to pedalcycle operators.
  • • When driving a pedalcycle, sit only on the seat and nowhere else.
  • • Don't carry another person. The ordinary pedalcycle is equipped with only one seat and therefore should carry only one person, unless it is a tandem with two or more seats.
  • • Keep to the right of the street, staying close to the curb if possible. Travel as directed on "One Way" streets.
  • • Pedalcycle operators must ride no more then two abreast, except on paths or roadways set aside for Pedalcycles only. However, driving a pedalcycle in single file is wisest.
  • • The operator should use a pedalcycle path near the roadway, when provided. The pedalcycle operator should NEVER carry any packages when restricts having both hands on the handlebars at all times.
  • • At night a pedalcycle shall have a white light on the front, bright enough to be seen at a distance of 500 feet. To comply with this requirement an operator can display a light on his person.
  • • A red reflector is required on the rear of every pedalcycle, visible from a distance of 100 to 600 feet to the rear. Amber reflectors are also required on each side.
  • • Each pedalcycle should be equipped with a bell or horn, but NOT A SIREN OR WHISTLE.
  • • Pedalcycle operators must be able to make the braked wheels of their vehicle stop on dry, level, clean pavement within 15 feet from a speed of 15 m.p.h.
  • • Pedalcycle drivers must give the right of way to all pedestrians, warning them with an audible signal.
  • • Pedalcycles should never be parked on the sidewalks, so as to interfere with pedestrians.
  • • Pedalcycle operators are allowed to park their vehicles on the roadway where it is legally permitted.


Pedalcycles must obey the LAWS

Remember these safe riding practices

A wise and safety-conscious pedalcycle driver always...

  1. Keeps vehicle in top working condition.
  2. Keeps vehicle under control at all times and always drives slowly and carefully in heavy traffic.
  3. Is cautious so as not to weave in and out of traffic.
  4. Uses hand signals when turning.
  5. Gets off pedalcycle and walks vehicle across busy intersection.
  6. Drives with caution. Avoids "stunt" riding or racing with others in traffic.
  7. Wears white or light colored clothing if it's necessary to drive at night.
  8. Avoids "hitching" rides onto another moving vehicle.
  9. Stops and looks both ways before entering a street from an alley or driveway.
  10. Is courteous about giving other vehicles and pedestrians the right of way.



Remember, the law states that you will be held legally responsible for knowingly permitting your youngster to violate any of these laws. The fine for violating any provision of Chapter 35 of the Vehicle Code relating to operation of Pedalcycles is $10 per violation.

Reflective tape can be used in addition to lights and reflectors

At Night -BE SEEN!!!! Have a good headlight, and a rear taillight or reflector.


Like a good automobile driver, a good bicycle driver always has CONTROL. Keep your bicycle from wobbling or zig-zagging.


Penn DOT Bike Safety Information