Pennsylvania's Child Passenger Laws


All drivers operating a passenger car, Class I and Class II truck, classic motor vehicle, antique motor vehicle or motor home shall securely fasten infants and children under 8 years of age in an approved child restraint/booster when riding anywhere in the motor vehicle, including the cargo area. The seat may be in any seating position equipped with a seat belt in the vehicle. (However, for maximum protection, the back seat is preferable.)

All drivers transporting children under 4 years of age are responsible to securely restrain those children in an approved child passenger restraint system. (Primary Law)

Violators may be stopped as a primary offense for non-compliance of the Child Passenger Protection Law for children birth to age 4. Violators may be fined up to a maximum of $100.00, plus Court Costs (adjusted annually); $30.00 Cat Fund; $10.00 EMS Fund and $10.00 Administrative Costs.

The fine shall be dismissed if the person prior to or at his hearing displays evidence of acquisition of a child passenger restraint system/booster. Evidence shall include a receipt to the appropriate court officer which evidences purchase, rental, transferal from another child seat owner (notarized letter) or bailment from a child seat loaner program.

An approved child passenger restraint system will be labeled to indicate that the child restraint conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Fines collected are placed in a fund used to purchase child safety seats for car seat loaner programs.

Civil immunity for lenders of car seats has been granted. No person or organization who lends child restraints shall be liable for any civil damages resulting from any acts or omission, except any act or omission intentionally designed to harm or any grossly negligent act or omission resulting in harm to another.

Hospitals are required to notify parents of the PA Child Safety Law and also the location of car seat loan programs in the community, and provide educational materials about law.

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